Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peacock Feather Trendy Necklace - A Cool Accessory to Show Off

You've decided to go for a casual day out with your friends and decide on a simple shirt or tee. But you want to make a style statement as well. How would you do that? Funky accessories are the way to go. You can make even a simple top or outfit stand out by using the right type of accessory. This peacock feather trendy necklace is something that I found which would go well with a casual attire. Team it up with a simple, single-colored dress or top and trousers and you're all set to stand out from the crowd. While using such accessories, it is best to stick to single colored outfits so as not to crowd the entire look. The vibrant colors of the necklace will be lost in case you opt for a multi-colored attire.

Name: HM Fashion Bronze Peacock Feather Long Chain Retro Necklace
Price: $3.37
Buy from: Amazon