Monday, April 2, 2012

Choosing a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

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Plenty of brides and grooms forgo serving alcohol entirely at their wedding because they don’t want to foot the bill for a full bar. There’s a middle ground between a dry wedding and an expensive open bar, though – create a signature cocktail (or two) just for your wedding day. These signature cocktails reflect the bride and groom’s tastes, as well as reduce the bar bill. You can even create your own signature peacock wedding cocktail drink by following these suggestions.

1. Start by selecting one or two types of liquor to use in the drink (or drinks). This keeps costs down because it doesn’t require opening a lot of expensive bottles. Choose a neutral spirit, such as vodka or rum, rather than one that might alienate some guests such as gin or tequila.

2. The next step is coming up with a cocktail that reflects you as a couple, whether it’s the beverage the two of you sipped the night he proposed or a classic drink that you have always loved. For example, if the two of you met or got engaged in New York, a perfect signature cocktail might be the Manhattan.

3. Another approach is choosing a traditional drink and renaming it for the purposes of your wedding. If the bride’s favorite drink is a cosmopolitan, label it at the bar as “The Mrs.” cocktail, while the groom’s favorite drink, the gin and tonic,” can be served as “The Mr.” cocktail. Other cutesy cocktail options include renaming the drink after your last name, so a sour apple martini becomes “The Smith-tini.”

4. Here’s a new take on a classic poem – offer four signature cocktails labeled “Something old,” “Something new,” “Something borrowed,” and “Something blue.” The “old” cocktail might be a classic drink such as the martini or sidecar. Something “new” could be a drink you created yourself or contains a type of liquor that just hit the market, such as a new variety flavored vodka. The “Something borrowed” drink could be the favorite cocktail of the maid of honor, which you “borrowed” from her. Finally, “Something blue” could be a blue Hawaiian, blue margarita, or even Blue Moon beer.

5. Two additional points to take into consideration is the season and color palette of your wedding. Some brides choose to serve signature cocktails in the same color that the rest of the wedding features, such as a lemon drop if the bridesmaids are wearing yellow. For peacock weddings, the color of your drinks can be in hues of pure Blue or Green. The choice is left to you. However, this isn’t a requirement. It is a good idea, though, to match the cocktail to the season of your wedding – it’s much more fun to sip on a spiked apple cider during the autumn and a fresh mojito during the summer.

With signature peacock wedding cocktails, the guests get to try out a new and fun cocktail and the bride and groom save money and personalize their wedding – a win-win for everyone.

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