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Homemade Wedding Favors: Black and White

Wedding favors are special gifts that will remind your guests of your wedding for years to come, and homemade gifts are a great way to give one of a kind wedding favors to your guests. Black and white is a common color theme for weddings, and this article will provide you with several ideas for making homemade wedding favors that are black and white.

Rose Candleholder

Roses are a common flower for wedding favors, and you can make homemade black and white wedding favor that your guests will love. For this craft you will need wine glasses, black water color paint, a paintbrush, fake white roses with bendable stems, water, and small candles. 

Start this homemade wedding favor by mixing some water with the black watercolor paint. Do not add a lot of water; the paint should be very dark. Use the paintbrush to pick up some paint and run the paintbrush along the edge of the flower petals. The flowers will absorb the paint and look beautiful. 

After the flowers have dried bend the stem of the flowers around the stem of the wine glass, and place a candle inside. You can alternate using white and black candles for a fun look. This homemade wedding favor is easy to complete, and your guests will love it.

Checker Set

A unique wedding favor idea with black and white as the theme is a checker set. For this homemade craft you will need small square pieces of wood, a ruler, a pencil, a black marker, flat white and black beads, and small drawstring bags.

Start by measuring eight spaces across all sides of the wood to create the checkerboard using the pencil. Next color every other box in across the top, and continue down the board until your checkerboard is complete. To finish this homemade wedding favor place the checkerboard, 12 white beads, and 12 black beads in the bag. This black and white theme gift is something your guest will enjoy for years to come.

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate is delicious, and you can make homemade wedding favors with white and dark chocolate. For this craft you will need white and dark chocolate covered candies, jars, ribbon, scissors, and white and black fabric. You can also make your own by melting chocolate for a few seconds in the microwave and dipping different candies, dried fruits, and nuts into the chocolate. Place the chocolate onto the wax paper and allow it to cool before you use it.

To assemble this wedding favor start by cutting squares larger than the jars out of the fabric. Then layer the different chocolate candies and place the fabric squares on top of the jars. Tie the ribbon over the fabric and around the lip of the jar to cover the candies, and your homemade wedding favor is complete.

There are many unique and easy to make black and white wedding favors. These homemade wedding favors are wonderful gifts that will make your guests happy. Try making these homemade wedding favors to add to the black and white theme of your wedding!