Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make Peacock Blue Marshmallow Fondant With Ease!

I was just browsing around and I found Clockwork Lemon's recipe for making marshmallow fondants. If you're thinking of making a peacock cake all by yourself from scratch, you might want to check out her recipe on colored fondant. It's pretty easy and if you have some leftover marshmallows, all the better!

You can find the recipe here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Peacock Themed Indian Wedding Inspiration Board

I did say in a couple of previous posts about conducting an Indian inspired peacock themed wedding. Here's an inspiration board I came across. The bride has even applied a peacock designed mehndi (henna) to her hands. The more I research on it, the more I'm falling in love with the Indian version!

Pic Courtesy : Maharani Weddings

Tony Bowls Collection Pageant Peacock Dress

It's one of the best Peacock dresses I have seen. Prettiness, no?

Courtesy - French Novelty

Peacock Centerpiece Vases and Bowls

Both these pieces are from TouchOfClass (yeah, I kinda went berserk after seeing the gorgeous peacock items there). They will look beautiful with some flowers don't you think? Great centerpieces!

Proud Peacock Centerpiece bowl - Link.

Majestics Peacock Vase - Link

Elegant Plumage Wine Holder - Peacock Wine Holder

You can place your wine bottle in between beautiful peacock feathers (not real, of course). I love this gorgeous piece. Must have for any peacock themed wedding!

Beautiful Peacock Vanity Tray and Other Peacock Decor You're Sure To Love!

This is an extremely beautiful tray which I found at touchofclass.com. They have some interesting Peacock items you might be interested in! Search for them using the search box and keyword 'peacock'.

Some more items from the site include -

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gorgeous Peacock Pillow - Apt for Peacock Themed Celebrations!

Add an extra special touch to your peacock themed weddings by using these lovely pillows which I found at the Offbeat Bride Store.

Petite and Cute Peacock Bangle

This bangle is very simply designed but it is eye catching nevertheless. There's no overdose of strong colors and if you're looking for something sweet and cute -- this is surely the accessory for you!

Available here.

Silk Peacock Feathers - Medium Clutch Bag with Chain Handle

An embroidered medium clutch bag with peacock feathers on both sides. Available here.

A Totally Offbeat Peacock Gown

If you like to do things in an offbeat manner, then as a bride you will be able to carry off this dress with ease. It's a great looking outfit which can be found at RomanticThreads.

House of Harlow 1960 Peacock Cuff

An absolutely gorgeous piece. This jewelry piece has a peacock design with blue and emerald green accents.

Available at Amazon.

Royal Indian Peacock Wedding Outfit For Men - Peacock Sherwani

I had already mentioned on a previous post (Indian themed Peacock wedding), how it will be unique and different to wear Indian outfits on your special day! A saree was shown in that post, but for men, Indian sherwanis are the way to go! Found this royal blue sherwani online and fell in love with it. Gives a 'Maharaja' look, don't you think?

Available here.

Peacock Serving Plate

Too pretty to use, right? You won't have any problem even if you use them for parties though because it happens to be dish washable plus microwavable! Available here.

Peacock Stemless Martini Glasses

These glasses are painted with non toxic glass paint, hence safe to use. They have been heat set for lasting durability. Either use as a decor in your house, or as part of tableware in your peacock themed wedding. Available here.

Albino Peacock Wedding Champagne Toasting Flutes

A peacock themed wedding in Gold calls for these magnificent looking hand painted flutes! They seem to work well in dim lighting, and appear more 'white' in brighter lighter. Available here.

Peacock Feathered Cocktail Dress

I just can't get enough of some of the items at Etsy. This dress designed by Veronica Reis looks just amazing! You're sure to stand out in any peacock themed wedding with this dress made of raw silk. Recommended for bridesmaids! Don't you just love it?

Available here.

Pink Peacock Wedding Inspiration Board

You will usually find peacock themed weddings in shades of Blue, Purple, Green and Gold. But nowadays peacock weddings in Pink are also becoming a rage. Guys don't actually like an overdose of Pink, so you can try mixing Pink with other colors like white, Blue and Purple.

Items in clockwise direction :

Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Make A Peacock Feather Centerpiece - Video

This video shows how you can make a peacock feather centerpiece with a few artificial peacock feathers and items which can be found right at home! Hope you find it useful.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peacock Invitations - Best from Zazzle

You must have gone through a lot of peacock wedding invitations. I saw some on Zazzle recently and was pretty impressed with the collection. It can be a bit tiring going through the entire collection of peacock invitations on Zazzle. My Squidoo site - Best Peacock Wedding Invitations - tries to bring you the best of the lot.

The good thing about Zazzle is they offer invitations for a great price in bulk. You will absolutely love some of the cards there!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peacock Sarees - Try Something Different On Your Wedding

I am from India. As most of you might know, peacocks are the national birds of India. Why not sink more deep into ethnic culture and make your wedding an Indian peacock themed one? I was browsing through some sarees. If you're from outside India, then I would totally suggest making your bridesmaids dress up in these elegant designs! They will look gorgeous and also it will be a different kind of peacock themed wedding.

If you do not want your bridesmaids to steal the limelight, why not go for a peacock saree yourself? But make sure your guy is dressed accordingly in an Indian attire. Watch this space for more.

Pic Courtesy : Living Gallery - OneIndia (Part of 2007 Collection)
More Bridal Contemporary Sarees (Not Exactly Peacock Themed)

Table Settings For A Peacock Themed Wedding - Inspiration Board

These table items are perfect for a peacock themed wedding. You can add your own touch to table settings by using peacock feathers.

From Left to Right : Feather Napkin, Feather Placemats, Plates Setting, Salad Bowl, Athena Tray, Large Peacock Eye Platter, Napkin settings with feathers.

If you are looking to arrange peacock feather center pieces, you can do so by arranging peacock feathers to this beautiful flower collection.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Peacock Themed Wedding You Should Check Out

I have a thing for peacocks. They are absolutely gorgeous aren't they? I am from India, and where I come from peacocks can be found roaming around the paddy fields. We don't bother getting too close to them coz they are assumed to attack you right in the eye! Yikes! We never even really tried to find out whether its true or not -- but better to be safe than sorry right?

Getting right back into business, a peacock theme wedding you have to absolutely check out is Kristi and Anthony's. Don't you just LOVE Kristi's Peacock Bouquet? She designed it herself -- a talented woman you've got to admit! The photography is by Christine Chang.

You can see the rest of the pics and a detailed post here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peaock Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

A collection of beautiful items that will gel well with your peacock inspired theme wedding.

A Cute Purple Bridesmaid Gown Suitable For Purple Peacock Themed Weddings

If you are having a Purple peacock themed wedding, then why not go for this fun bridesmaid gown? Get it here.

Peacock, Aqua Sphinx Swarovski Earrings on Oxidized Sterling Silver

You can find this item here.

Use Bleached Peacock Feathers For Your Peacock Themed Wedding

Bleached peacock feathers will look great as part of a centerpiece for your peacock wedding theme. Here are some really beautiful peacock feathers which are available at Etsy. You can even use them as part of your wedding bouquets.

Find the bleached peacock feathers at Etsy here.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peacock Bridesmaid Gowns by Forever Yours

Lovely bridesmaid gowns in a royal Blue. You can see these gowns at BridalShop.

Nadri Crystal Teardrop Chandelier Earrings - Perfect for a Peacock Themed Wedding!

This is pretty chandelier earring which will go well with your wedding dress. It can be used in any theme wedding. An absolutely gorgeous piece which you can find here.