Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peacock Hair Accessories

Peacock hair accessories can add that extra special touch to your overall look in case you're opting for a peacock themed wedding. Not everyone would like to have any sort of peacock imprints on their wedding dress, or jewelry, but peacock hair accessories can be a safe bet. You can choose a small peacock hair accessory so that it's not too overwhelming and at the same time you can go along with the theme. Here are some cute peacock hair accessories.

See all these peacock hair accessories and more at Squidoo

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peacock Eye Makeup

Isn't this peacock eye makeup just beautiful? Found this at Megan's blog. Head over there to get tips on how to recreate this look.

She used makeup from the following brands:

These products are my fav too, and they really do wonders in highlighting your eyes. Head over to Megan's blog to find out what other products she used to do this peacock eye makeup. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Wedding Hair Styles Using Wedding Hair Extensions / Hair Pieces

You have a wedding coming up, and you are on a low budget. You can't really hire a hair dresser or a stylist for your big day but still want to look your best. Admit it, most of the work is done when your hair looks good. No matter how much make up you put on, your overall look goes downhill when your hair is messy, greasy, frizzy and unmanageable. The hours spent on straightening, blow drying, curling might seem taxing on your big day -- when you don't want to look worn down by it all. A simple solution is to purchase affordable wedding hair extensions on your big day. These are easy to put on and are affordable. Here are some easy hair styles created using wedding hair extensions or hair pieces.

Wedding hair style created using human hair clip-in extensions

Stylish contemporary wedding hair style created using a chunky braided headband

Wedding hairstyle created using a clip-in hairdo

A wavy wrap wedding hair style created using a hair piece

Wedding hair style using stylemaker wrap 

Wavy wrap wedding hairstyle using a hair piece as well

Elegant wedding hair style (braided chignon) created using a statement bun

All these hair pieces and extensions can be found at Hot Hair. And yes, they are available in almost every natural hair color possible! So if you are looking for a trendy, time efficient, affordable wedding hair style, you know where to head.

You can also go for peacock hair clips for a peacock themed wedding to accentuate your whole hair style. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is almost here. Don't forget to check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday page to get updates on some nice Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals online. This page will offer you exclusive links and coupon codes using which you will be able to avail offers. Limited stock.

The Peacock Wedding Blog

Jovani Peacock Ruffle Bridal Dress

So I saw this really gorgeous Jovani peacock dress and I can't help but think this is perhaps the most beautiful peacock bridal dress out there. Trust me, I have seen so many. But none looks as apt for a peacock wedding as this Jovani peacock dress. It is simple, yet so stylish and would perfectly suit a peacock themed wedding without you looking over the top! The problem with peacock dresses if you don't chose them wisely is that you will end up looking gaudy and for such a special occasion like your wedding, you certainly wouldn't want that to happen. With this dress, you're at a safe zone. The last time I checked only 2 of these were left in stock, so if your peacock themed wedding is nearing by and you're looking for such a gown, then hurry and purchase it now from the link given below.

Price: $550
Available here

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Peacock Glasses

If you are looking for some high quality peacock glasses, then you are sure to like the collection given below.

Peacock Wine Glasses
Comes in a set of 4. Beautiful teal design suitable for a peacock themed party. Suitable for everyday use.
Price: $69.99

Peacock Martini Glasses
Comes in a set of 4. Suitable for everyday use. 
Price: $69.99

Peacock Goblet Glasses
Make a style statement with these blue rimmed goblet glasses. Comes in a set of 4.
Price: $51.99

Peacock Margarita Glasses
These too come in a set of 4. Enjoy your glass of margarita at the wedding in style.
Price: $51.99

Friday, November 16, 2012

Adel's Peacock Emerald Green CZ Earrings

Adel's Peacock emerald green earrings are to die for. Just what you want to sport on your peacock themed wedding day if you are looking for high quality stuff. This is a nickle free jewelry which showcases exquisite colors. They have varied length bands of CZs.

Price: $505

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peacock Cupcake Liners

A really pretty peacock cupcake liner that I came across online. They would be fitting for any peacock themed party and not just a wedding party alone. Suitable for bridal showers, birthday parties, reception parties etc. They are made up of grease-proof Swedish paper and the advantage of using such a paper is that there won't be any wilting, staining and they won't draw butter fat from the pastries.

Price: $15.98 / pack (500 pcs per pack)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peacock Shoes

For those who are on the lookout for some nice and affordable peacock shoes to sport on the wedding day, Peacock Shoes offers some really good selection.

Here are some of the shoes shown on this page:

These may appear a bit fancy for a peacock wedding, but they can be worn for any other peacock themed party.

For a more classic look try the one shown below:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Peacock Coffee Mug

I fell in love with this coffee mug the moment I saw it. This comes with a cup and spoon.

You can make this part of your wedding decor or tableware if possible. It makes for a great eye candy, doesn't it? 
Price: $15.45

Ivory / Teal / Plum Peacock Feather Shoes

Ideal for a peacock themed wedding. Be styled different from the rest and sport these cool peacock shoes on your wedding.

T.U.K Women's Pump
Price: $34.98

Peacock Wedding Garden Centerpieces

If you are having a peacock wedding outdoors, bring the whole theme to life by bringing in some large peacock garden statues to the scene. Just a single peacock statue is enough to brighten up the whole themed wedding. Keep in mind that such a peacock statue would make for a great centerpiece indoors as well. Have these peacock statues arranged right at the center of your wedding hall to garner maximum attention.

Some pretty peacock wedding garden centerpieces:

Regal Peacock Sculpture - Hand painted and made of quality resin.

Glossy Peacock Wedding Garden Centerpiece

Ivory colored peacock on an urn centerpiece

Colorful plumage peacock centerpiece

If you are looking for small peacock centerpieces then please check pretty peacock centerpieces (small and large). 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peacock Decor Ideas for your Christmas Peacock Wedding!

Is your peacock themed party all set to be hosted close to Christmas or during the Christmas holidays? Why not put up some peacock feather Christmas decor to bring out the best of both worlds? You are sure to leave an impression, it will be brilliantly unique and your guests will remember your cute Christmas themed peacock party for a long time to come.

Here are some really cute Christmas decor items which will fit your peacock themed wedding party perfectly:

This cute little peacock feather tree would add the right touch of Christmas-y aura to your wedding ceremony. Place them on tables or at random places in your wedding hall to exude that joy of Christmas celebration with peacock elements induced into it.
Price: $20

Bring on the festive mood to your peacock themed wedding with the help of this dried floral wreath. It is made with green caspia, turquoise myrtle, peacock feathers, green fern picks (faux), accented with a green and gold ribbon. It can't get better than this.
Price: $74.99

This is one of my most favorite items. Christmas is the time when you would like to brighten up the whole place with brilliant lighting and decor. This lantern with light kit adds a much fresh approach to the whole theme. Let your wedding hall be embraced with the soft light exuded by this peacock light. 
Price: $28.95

Talking about Christmas ornaments, isn't this one with peacock feathers embossed on it a pretty sight? Accented with glitter, made out of glass and clay, this bright ornament is what you need to spruce up the look of your peacock themed Christmas-y wedding. 
Price: $11.99

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Whole Space for Peacock Wedding Favors

So I have got a new site up and running for peacock party favors - Little Things Peacock. Here you will get to see gorgeous peacock favors that are eye-candy but also easy on your pocket. Planning to add new items every other day. Right now you'll see:

1. Peacock favor bags/boxes
2. Peacock favor tins
3. Peacock lip balms
4. Peacock cookie favors - how a particular bakery is making them

And more.

Have fun browsing!