Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Wedding Hair Styles Using Wedding Hair Extensions / Hair Pieces

You have a wedding coming up, and you are on a low budget. You can't really hire a hair dresser or a stylist for your big day but still want to look your best. Admit it, most of the work is done when your hair looks good. No matter how much make up you put on, your overall look goes downhill when your hair is messy, greasy, frizzy and unmanageable. The hours spent on straightening, blow drying, curling might seem taxing on your big day -- when you don't want to look worn down by it all. A simple solution is to purchase affordable wedding hair extensions on your big day. These are easy to put on and are affordable. Here are some easy hair styles created using wedding hair extensions or hair pieces.

Wedding hair style created using human hair clip-in extensions

Stylish contemporary wedding hair style created using a chunky braided headband

Wedding hairstyle created using a clip-in hairdo

A wavy wrap wedding hair style created using a hair piece

Wedding hair style using stylemaker wrap 

Wavy wrap wedding hairstyle using a hair piece as well

Elegant wedding hair style (braided chignon) created using a statement bun

All these hair pieces and extensions can be found at Hot Hair. And yes, they are available in almost every natural hair color possible! So if you are looking for a trendy, time efficient, affordable wedding hair style, you know where to head.

You can also go for peacock hair clips for a peacock themed wedding to accentuate your whole hair style.