Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make Your Own Personalized M&M Peacock Candies!

Candies are a must-have as a part of any major celebration. What's an occasion without sharing of sweet moments right? M&M's take it one step further by allowing you to create personalized candies for your peacock themed wedding. Not just peacock themed, but just about any celebration! You can select images which you want imprinted and they will deliver your personalized goodies at your doorstep.

Personalized peacock M&M candies are great as part of wedding favors or receptions.

Christmas is Around The Corner - Deck Up Your Wedding With These Extra Christmas Peacock Decor

Christmas is almost here. If your wedding is around the corner too, then it will be an awesome idea to decorate your wedding place with these really pretty peacock Christmas decorations found at Amazon. I couldn't really decide the best of the lot because they are all gorgeous pieces. You can just hang them on wedding hall ceilings at random places and create a Christmas-y feel to your special occasion.

My top three choices will include the following, but I wouldn't like to brand them as the best of the lot. You can decide your favorites here.

1. Green Peacock Feather Christmas Ornament - A fancy type this one. I like the colors along with the glittery feel. Maybe use them for a green-themed peacock wedding?

2. Extravagant Peacock Feather Glitter Christmas - I love this Christmas wreath for obvious reasons. The color combination is just beautiful.

3. Peacock Themed Beaded Christmas Ornaments - Looks like an earring no? But apparently it's not. I still like it as a decoration :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Peacock Favors for The Season - Peacock Christmas Ornaments

If your wedding is around Christmas, you might want to add these cute little ornaments as part of wedding favors. You can get it here.

Peacock Feather Pens - Wedding Favors

Looking for unique peacock themed wedding favors? If you are searching for ideas, then you might like what I have to offer in this section. I was as usual blog-hopping when I found out that many people out there like to use peacock themed feather quills and pens as wedding favors. This led me to search some peacock feather pens online and these are some of the collection that I found. Hope you like them too!

This one is from eBay. I don't know if the stock will run out any time soon, so you better get your hands on these beautiful pieces if you are interested. (Link)

This Peacock Feather Quill Pen can be found at Amazon. Six colors along with refills available. They look pretty classy! (Link)
My favorite of the lot. This pretty peacock designed (well, mostly peacock colors!) pen can be found at Etsy. (Link)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Peacock Themed Wedding in Nottingham - Inspirations

Pic Courtesy : Flickr

What I found really interesting in this wedding is how the bride had imprinted peacock tattoos on her back. Sexy! Some cute looking peacock tattoos can be found at Amazon.

You can see the whole story behind this peacock-themed wedding at OffbeatBride.

Gorgeous and Edible Peacock Cookie Favors

You can customize these peacock-themed cookie favors according to what you wish. Will be really cute for a peacock-themed wedding! Available at DivaEntertains.

Mehndi/Henna Style Peacock Design Wedding Cake

Aren't they just divine? I love the peacock designs on these cakes. You can view them at Rora's cake Flickr stream.

Fabulous Peacock Shaped Drop Earrings

Absolutely loved these collection of earrings which I came across at Amazon. They are all peacock shaped. You can view the entire set of earrings here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pretty As A Peacock Wedding Cake and Peacock Themed Sets at Polyvore

Just love love LOVE this peacock cake which I found at Polyvore. This item is originally from brides.com. The item no longer seems to exist at their site but maybe you can ask your wedding cake maker to design a cake like this for you! You can find many more peacock themed sets at Polyvore which are a treat to eyes.