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Top Video Tutorials on Peacock Eye Makeup

Peacock Eye Tutorial

The colors used for this eye makeup are simply gorgeous! You can use colors from a 120 palette (product shown by the end of this article). I haven't yet seen a bride who has used a peacock eye makeup for her peacock themed wedding. Maybe you can start the trend? Here's a video tutorial which explains how you can apply peacock eye color makeup....

The Colorful Arab Peacock Eye Makeup

With the use of MAC beauty products, you can create this beautiful Arab style peacock eye makeup. The colors are bold and you can use the bestselling waterproof black gel eyeliner which is offered by Smashbox to complete the look.

Peacock Eye Makeup - A Really Creative One!

Peacock Theme Wedding - 10 Ideas to Decorate Your Venue and Have the Right Look

Many couples decide to give their wedding an original look that will make it one of a kind and memorable to all of their guests. An in their task to achieve this many couples decide to host a theme wedding.

While there are as many themes as couples getting hitch each year, one of the most popular themes nowadays is the peacock wedding theme.

The main colors for this theme are truly gorgeous and couples just adore celebrating and giving this theme their own signature. Blues and greens in different shades are usually combined with silver, white and gold.

But also the peacock theme can take a very different look with non traditional peacock colors. Just using the peacock design, more couples decide to use a different palette. Pinks, purples, lavenders, yellow and red are the most popular unconventional colors used for a peacock theme wedding.

And this theme adapts to almost any type of celebration, whether you want to have a vintage or modern look.

Wedding decorations, attire and favors are just some of the areas where you can make the theme come to life.

Here are 10 quick ideas on how to incorporate the theme to your wedding celebration.

1. Use peacock feathers to enhance a simple wedding invitation design. Tie them to the invitation with a silk ribbon or glue them at a corner for a creative look.

2. Wear a peacock inspired shoe. From the painted ones to those that include peacock feathers around your ankle or over the toe area, they are a great item to enhance your bridal look.

3. Have a peacock feather centerpiece. From the simple single long peacock feather in a vase to more elaborated arrangements combining feathers and flowers, you are sure to have a unique centerpiece with this item.

4. Carry a flower bouquet with some peacock feathers included.

5. change into a peacock inspired gown for your reception

6. Use a pair of decorative peacock birds as cake toppers

7. Carry a peacock feather fan instead of the traditional flower bouquet

8. Make a candle arrangement suitable for the theme by adding a peacock feather string at their base.

9. Have your groom wear a peacock feather as an original boutonniere.

10. If your peacock theme wedding happens around Christmas tis the season by creating an original arrangement placing the classic ball ornament in peacock like colors inside a tall glass vase.

Just with attention to detail you can create an spectacular look for your wedding day. Incorporate one or more of these ideas to have the wedding you always dreamt of.

Andrea Korin is the owner of the creative theme wedding ideas website, where brides get the help, tips and ideas to plan the perfect theme wedding even on a budget. You can learn Secrets to save money on your wedding and wedding flowers and how to make your own beautiful and affordable Peacock wedding invitations, RSVP, menu cards, thank you notes and more.

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Easiest Way to Prepare a Peacock Theme Wedding

For couples who are striving to make their wedding unique and memorable to all of their guests, they might probably think of holding a theme wedding. In terms of theme wedding, peacock theme wedding is recently in great vogue among the vast plethora of theme weddings.

The dominant colors of peacock theme wedding is overwhelmingly attractive. Blues and greens in multiple shades are often teamed up with silver, white or gold to achieve a glamorous effect. In other cases, when combined with other innovative peacock colors such as pinks, purples, lavenders, peacock design is prominent and outstanding for its unique favor.

Whatever style you are look for, be it vintage or contemporary, the peacock theme can match it to perfection. You can incorporate the theme into various parts of your wedding. A most common way is to tie peacock feathers to the invitation with a silk ribbon or glue them at the corner for a innovative look. Some brides also prefer to wear a peacock pattern shoe, either shoes painted with peacock or shoes with peacock feathers around the ankle. This is certainly a wonderful fashion accessory to contribute to the bridal look. Some couples would opt for a peacock feather centerpiece. The wedding is definitely amazing with such glamorous centerpiece whether it is the plain single long peacock feather in a vase or more detailed arrangements teamed infusing feathers and flowers.

If you are lucky enough to have your very wedding scheduled around Christmas time, it is recommended that you place the traditional ball embellishment in peacock like colors inside a tall glass vase for a glamorous effect.

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