Thursday, March 24, 2011

DwellStudio Peacock King Duvet Set

So suppose you are having a peacock-themed wedding, what kind of bed sheet will you use on your very important first night? I guess you must have already got your answer there :D What kind of answer would you have predicted from a Peacock Wedding Blog anyway? Peacock Duvet Sets! The DwellStudio Peacock King Duvet Set is really awesome to look at! Personally, I liked the Citrine Peacock King Duvet Set. Additionally, it is also available in plain white.

Here's a picture of the Citrine Peacock Duvet Set -

Here's a picture of the plain white Peacock Duvet Set -

You can get both of these gorgeous sets here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peacock Tote Bag and Peacock Necklace - New Items on Zazzle Store!

I have created two more items on my Zazzle Store - The Peacock Tote Bag and The Peacock Necklace. You can visit my Peacock Store to see some more items. Not much items are there at the moment but I'm glad that the Peacock Invitation is doing well. This is something I take up when I'm bored. Today was one such day :)

The Peacock Tote Bag

It's a very simple design which I created using Photoshop. A neat bag to carry if you are going out for grocery shopping or just a casual walk outside. You can purchase the peacock tote bag here.

The Peacock Necklace

The peacock necklace is another simple design. You can adorn it when you wear your regular plain t-shirt and jeans. This accentuates the peacock colors of the necklace and give a contrasting look to your outfit. You can get the peacock necklace here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Butterfly Peacock Masquerade Feather Mask

I was searching for something else when I stumbled upon this piece made of natural peacock feathers. Prettiness no? Available here.