Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help Yourself - Make Peacock Rangoli Designs

It's Diwali time and yesterday I happened to see that a lot of people were actually looking out for cool peacock rangoli designs. I did feature some exquisite looking peacock rangoli designs in this post, but here I am going to feature some products which might be useful to you if you are looking forward to creating a peacock design from scratch.

For all those who are non-acquainted with Indian festivals -- Diwali is celebrated between mid-October and November and is popularly termed as 'festival of lights'. Rangoli or 'floor decorations' are popular during this season. You can get more information about Diwali from Wikipedia.

You may use these materials to draw/practice on peacock designs -

1. Peacock Engraving Board - Work on a preprinted design using this board! Pretty easy to use.

2. Peacock Feather Stencil - Reusable peacock feather stencils that can be used on a variety of surfaces -- including your floor surface! You can create an outline for a peacock feather easily using these stencils, and this ought to help you out when you are creating a peacock rangoli design.

3. Design book - Want to draw a peacock design from scratch without the help of any preprinted designs or stencils? 'Draw 50 Birds' can help you out!

The products above are only for amateurs who don't have a clue (like me) on how to create a decent looking peacock design. If you're an expert in drawing, you won't need the above products. Take a look at the following video. Look how the artist creates a beatiful peacock rangoli design -

You can get a Variety of Rangoli Colors from Amazon.

Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Turquoise Shoes for Peacock Wedding Brides

Here are some stunning looking Turquoise shoes for a Peacock bride. I was having a look through and they seem to be having a promotion going on too. Now would be a right time to get your hands on some of these gorgeous turquoise colored products for a nice offer. If you want to be more creative, you can try attaching a couple of peacock feathers to them. Of course, they need to be properly glued so make sure you know how to do this properly. If not it can only get embarrassing when the peacock feathers and your shoes decide to part ways on your special day!

Note - This is specially for my blog readers - use Coupon Code FALL2011 to avail the 10% discount AND free shipping - in case you decide to purchase any of the shown items below from this blog. This offer is for a limited time (till end of November 2011) so even if you have a Peacock themed wedding planned sometime early next year, it would wise to purchase them at this time because of the cool discount available.

1. Paris Hilton Turquoise Shoes

These shoes are also available in a range of colors. But I chose Turquoise for obvious reasons ;)

There are more Paris Hilton Turquoise Shoes to choose from on the site. Check them out!

2. Ann Marino Isha Turquoise Sandals
These are really pretty and have a unique touch to them. The Turquoise colored bling straps will dress up your feet. You can get this pair from here.