Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Peacock Wedding Flower Girls - 3 Items You'll Adore!

I have been shopping a lot at Etsy recently. I love how creative people get over there when it comes to designs of any category - clothing, jewelry etc. I found some gorgeous looking items which will look good on flower girls on your peacock themed wedding day. Team them up and see how it works for them.

1. Peacock Flower Girl Dress

I absolutely adore dress #2. The design is bright and lively. You can purchase Dress #1 or #2 from here. Price - $144.90.

2. Peacocks and Pansies Flower Girl Basket

This flower girl basket looks simple and easy to carry around. Perfect for your little flower girls. You can purchase this item from here. Price - $30.

3. Peacock Feather Wand

Use this peacock feather wand to complete your flower girls' attire. It is made-to-order only and you will have to notify the seller in advance. Here's the link. Price - $14.