Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is Around The Corner - Deck Up Your Wedding With These Extra Christmas Peacock Decor

Christmas is almost here. If your wedding is around the corner too, then it will be an awesome idea to decorate your wedding place with these really pretty peacock Christmas decorations found at Amazon. I couldn't really decide the best of the lot because they are all gorgeous pieces. You can just hang them on wedding hall ceilings at random places and create a Christmas-y feel to your special occasion.

My top three choices will include the following, but I wouldn't like to brand them as the best of the lot. You can decide your favorites here.

1. Green Peacock Feather Christmas Ornament - A fancy type this one. I like the colors along with the glittery feel. Maybe use them for a green-themed peacock wedding?

2. Extravagant Peacock Feather Glitter Christmas - I love this Christmas wreath for obvious reasons. The color combination is just beautiful.

3. Peacock Themed Beaded Christmas Ornaments - Looks like an earring no? But apparently it's not. I still like it as a decoration :)