Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Peacock Rangoli (Floor Decoration)

Today, I am really excited to bring to you a set of peacock floor decorations. If you are going for an Indian themed wedding, why not have such a beautiful design on the floor? This decor could be a center of attraction in your wedding ceremony. Many people draw floral designs and patterns on the floor in front of their houses in India. These drawings or "Rangoli" are said to invite prosperity and happiness into a house.

Presenting some of the beautiful Peacock rangoli designs -

You can get more details and related pics from Flickr page of sratsthgin

Another beautiful peacock floor decoration -

You can find this photo on Slices of Light's Flickr Page

You can see a lot more designs from Flickr.

So how do you make such 'Rangolis'? You might need a bit of practice but you can make them more easily with the help of Rangoli stencils. You need to use high quality rangoli colors in order to make the floor decoration stand out. If you need any help in learning how to do a rangoli, you can get this step-by-step instruction book.