Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Add a Touch of Peacock To Your Wedding Attire

So you have decided to grace your peacock wedding in the most beautiful gown. The gown is not peacock themed, but you want to do something that would make you more in tune with the theme of your wedding. If you are thinking of making your gown simple, then it's recommended to include an accessory which is peacock themed. It can be anything from a brooch to bracelet or a necklace or a hair clip. Just don't decide to make all your accessories peacock-themed because then it will end up looking tacky. Here are some suggestions:

1. Bridal Fascinators: Wear a simple peacock wedding gown and a gorgeous peacock feather bridal hair band/fascinator/hair clip like the one shown below:

Price: $39.95 [View Product Page]

2. Peacock Bridal Necklace/Earrings: Here's another accessory you can wear when you're keeping your gown simple. The pop of color will look great when you're wearing a single-colored outfit. Also make sure if you are wearing both a necklace and earring, they should match. This is to ensure that your accessories don't look mismatched and spoil the flow and feel of the entire outfit. 

Price: $87.80 [View Product Page]

3. Peacock Feather Shoes: Contrasting colored shoes are something I am seeing a lot of fashionistas sport nowadays. This doesn't mean you pair a different colored shoe with an attire that is colorful in itself. A bright colored shoe looks great with outfits with pastel shades. Here's one bright blue peacock shoe that will absolutely look great with a white gown.

Price: $122.99 [View Product Page]

4. Peacock Brooch: Add that extra peacock touch to your outfit with this brooch.

Price: $105.00 [View Product Page]

5. Peacock Bangle: This multicolored peacock bangle is one of my absolute favorites. It's a very beautiful, vibrant design and it will look great with a simple outfit.

Price: $9.60 [View Product Page]